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These are real comments from real students. All comments are posted.

"This was very easy for me to do and actually kept my attention."
James S. - Santa Barbara, California

"great program!"
Vincent S. - Kern, California

"very fast and helpful "
Anthony N. - Colusa, California

"i took sample test 3 before i took class but still had to take test three when i did class also i sucessful completed course abut was sent to this menu "
Robert E. - Alameda, California

"Thanks Easy to read and understand."
Clint B. - Orange, California

Luis C. - Los Angeles, California

"Very good course."
Gilbert F. - Orange, California

"This school was great! Easy, funny, and exactly what I needed for my busy schedule. Thank you for everything!"
Alex J. - Sacramento, California

"The course was very helpful."
Terrence H. - San Bernardino, California

"awesome and easy course!!! Thank you.............."
Michael B. - Merced, California

"It was more thorough than I would have thought."
Byron N. - San Diego, California

"The cost for the course is alittle bit steep"
Laszlo K. - Placer, California

"I actually did learn a thing or two on this course, & I thought it was well written. I've done another online traffic school & I liked this one much better."
Renee N. - San Francisco, California

"It was easy as hell."
Shkala B. - Los Angeles, California

"dang!! I missed one and it's one that was very obvious. got tired, I guess. Not a fun way to spend Memorial Day but it's my own fault!"
Patricia H. - Fresno, California

"The chat feature was extremely helpful and timely. Without it I probably would have picked another school. I loved the course and would recommend it."
Kristin D. - San Mateo, California

"This course was easy to read through, thorough, and informative! The only suggestion I have is to update the fines in California for cell phone use while driving. The course states that it is $20 for the first infraction and $50 for the second infraction. Although, the fine is $20 with all the fees attached it comes to $142! It will hopefully make someone think twice before using their cell phone while driving!"
Diana M. - Santa Barbara, California

"Keep up the good work!!!"
Maria H. - Alameda, California

"Thank you for the help. The live chat was very helpful and a selling point for me!"
Antonio A. - Los Angeles, California

"This was a very educative course. It gets to the point and moves you on, A+. Thanks "
Guillermo R. - Alameda, California

"great course if you have to take one"
Donna W. - Sacramento, California

"I think the one question I got wrong should have been correct. Your material said that over half of all accidents were caused by aggressive driving. Therefore, it would be impossible for distracted drivers to account for 80% of all accidents."
Kevin F. - Sonoma, California

"THIS COURSE IS OUTSTANDINg, and it deserves 10. Very respectfully, This course is outstanding, and it deserves 10.v/r,epifanio m. dayrit "
Epifanio D. - San Diego, California

"very pleased with course"
Steven M. - Butte, California

"I did not call the school, so I could not answer question 6. "
Phillip L. - Los Angeles, California

"great course to follow. thanks"
Ilonka F. - Riverside, California

"Thanks for the help!"
Allen L. - Kern, California

"Thank you for the course."
Augusto V. - Los Angeles, California

Taylor F. - Orange, California

"it is good. "
Htwe Y. - Santa Clara, California

"This was an excellent course, easy to follow. I would recommend you to others."
John D. - Stanislaus, California

"Awesome course, fast, fun, and informative. THanks InaDay!"
Allen K. - Los Angeles, California

"Very nice website Well organized and neat webpages easy to use for its purpose helpful live chat feature lowest prices for each choice packages with great features which specific needs."
Sheung K. - Orange, California

"Great course I learned some information that I didn't previously know"
Becky B. - Lake, California

"Super cool website makes it easy with people who don't have a lot of time on their hands loved it!"
Juan G. - Orange, California

"I was scared to death to take this but after being able to chat with the chat person I felt so much better. That is a big help. I will recommend this program to others. "
Deborah A. - Placer, California

"didnt read some of the question throughly!"
Jason B. - Humboldt, California

"This course was very informational, but not too technical. I actually reading and responding to the course. Thank you."
David B. - Shasta, California

"thank you. informative and straight forward"
Dennis M. - Stanislaus, California

"Fast and easy"
Oscar C. - Los Angeles, California

"Excellent course"
Frank S. - Los Angeles, California

Dawit K. - Sonoma, California

"My wife recommended me your school and it was excellent !"
Ryuichi Y. - Marin, California

"Great tool and great refreshment on your ability to drive. Great communication and the help on CHAT was amazing. Great Job. Thank you. Raymond. "
Raymond N. - Nevada, California

"i love this website. actually this was recommended to me by my step father in law"
Aristotle V. - Los Angeles, California

"Great course! I was trying another, I don't even want to remember the name now, it was a nightmare! They just didn't have the website working right, and it must have been 10 times longer! Yours was truly a breeze. Thanks!!!"
Luis M. - San Diego, California

"Great course. Easy."
Jessica S. - Solano, California

Octavio T. - Orange, California

"I really enjoyed the online process but I would not want to do it again."
Della B. - Orange, California

"I was a bit confused while taking the exam. I wasn't sure about whether eating and talking was safe or considered distractive behavior. It appeared that at the bottom of the test I could return to the resource material, but couldn't. then I was a bit worried because it felt like I had maybe used my one turn up.... anyway not a big deal, but it would be great to see. Also did you by chance state the age that you can become licensed? Is it 18 now?"
Jill D. - Ventura, California

School Reply: Hello Jill,

Eating while driving is not safe and considered distracted driving. Anytime you are doing anything else other than driving your car, for example, putting on make, eating while driving, or even shaving it is considered distracted driving because you do not have a 100% of your attention on the road. I provided a link to California DMV website for you: http://dmv.ca.gov/pubs/brochures/fast_facts/ffdl28.htm

As far as the course, you can at anytime open two browsers or two tabs and view the material at the same time as you take the test. If you try to go to the material at the same time as taking the test you will have to start the test again.

Until a person is 18 they are to be considered to have a provisional license and not a drivers license. Provisional licenses have different rules such as who can be in the car while you drive and what times in which a person with a provisional license can drive. (See CVC 12814.6 ) I have provided the link to the California DMV for you: http://www.dmv.ca.gov/pubs/vctop/d06/vc12814_6.htm

Best Regards,
David Lofy, Instructor (I8002841)
DMV School License: E1891

"Thank you very much, you sure made it easy and fun."
CHRIS B. - Sacramento, California

"Please confirm that this has been sent and registered with the court and DMV. Thank you!"
George H. - Riverside, California

Yoli P. - Tulare, California

"good course"
Brooke B. - Santa Barbara, California

"Very useful course"
Debora K. - Placer, California

"Great course!"
Victoria R. - Santa Barbara, California

"I enjoyed the writing style, took a lot of notes, and only regretted the time it took to go through your course. The occasional satirical comments were fun. Thank you."
Gail B. - San Mateo, California

"Great - "
Debra B. - Orange, California

"The WRITER is GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Humor is helpful to the learning process!"
Marjorie A. - San Joaquin, California

"you are goooood"
Connie Q. - Orange, California

"Well written and amusing. Thank you for making this more enjoyable."
Kym B. - Los Angeles, California

"very clear and concisely presented information."
Lori C. - Los Angeles, California

"excellent course, very well put together."
Jorge O. - Riverside, California

"I love this course it is very good. I learn a lot . Thank You.........Larry Smith"
Larry S. - Los Angeles, California

"Thanks! It was really easy."
Joseph R. - Orange, California

"Totally great online school and easy to use."
Otto C. - Contra Costa, California

"I had a great time with your TRAFFIC SCHOOL. Thank you so much.!"
Chanmin J. - Los Angeles, California

"quick, easy, and easy to navigate. thanks!"
Christopher T. - San Diego, California

"Course was easy to read and utilized humor to keep reading from being boring "
Ronald L. - Sacramento, California

"Loved this course!! Will recommend it to anyone who is looking for traffic school. Great, thank you."
Albert V. - San Luis Obispo, California

"I enjoyed this a lot. It was funny at the same time. I was able to review and learn things that I was taught a while ago. Thank you."
Aida W. - San Francisco, California

"Great course! Thanks!! "
Sophia L. - Sacramento, California

"I learned from this program. things i didn't know. thank you!"
Daniel A. - Riverside, California

Lorena R. - Santa Cruz, California

"These questions don't apply to me because I didn't contact the instructor. However, this is my first online traffic school and I was a bit nervous because I didn't know what to expect. The nervousness has gone away and everything just went smooth, you just go with the flow of your courses. "
Monica Z. - Los Angeles, California

"Thank you! "
Leda S. - Santa Clara, California

"This was a great, user-friendly, and easy course. Thank You."
Justin B. - Napa, California

"Good information"
Santos C. - Kern, California

"Thank you sooo much I will refer everyone know to this stress free fast and easy website!"
Angelina R. - Santa Clara, California

"Great Course!"
Kristine W. - Riverside, California

"best traffic school online"
Paul M. - San Bernardino, California

"I found this course was very helpful, informative and a great course."
Kenneth B. - Kern, California

"this is very helpful "
Pradit M. - Riverside, California

"thank you the topic was very informative and educational and a good reminders about safety driving."
Ernesto D. - Los Angeles, California

"Great Site!"
Alex C. - Alameda, California

"Great customer service and all your instructors were very friendly and helpful-this was my first traffic violation in 65 years so it was all a new experience for me-will recommend your school to my friends who might have a future traffic issue-Thanx Lawrence Vaughan-Sacramento, California"
Lawrence V. - Sacramento, California

"all went well!"
Marie M. - Riverside, California

"This was quick and painless and i just wanted to thank you for providing this service to me!! Hopefully i won't have to do this again any time soon!!"
Brandon M. - San Diego, California

"The website is very goog, I will recommend to my friends to use in the future."
Sarem A. - Sacramento, California

"It was really informational, quick, and easy. Thank You! "
Jazmyn G. - Sacramento, California

"Thank you!"
Miguel C. - Los Angeles, California

"Thank-you for the class you help me."
Ella F. - San Joaquin, California

"i need a copy of completetion"
Jack O. - Kern, California

"no comments"
Eugene C. - San Luis Obispo, California

"I loved this online class! Fun and informational. Quick to finish."
Juan G. - Riverside, California

"Information was easily accessible and able to navigate without any problems"
Charise M. - Los Angeles, California

"Great online traffic school. Simple. Quick. Straight forward."
Genieva W. - Kings, California

"great! Easy! will recommend"
Terry C. - Fresno, California

"Wonderful online traffic school!!!"
Michelle F. - Ventura, California

"great easy course thanks"
Lynn M. - Los Angeles, California

"Great course! Very straight-forward. "
Mir H. - Orange, California

"Good online traffic school!"
Trinity N. - Sacramento, California

"easy to understand and enjoyed reading it "
Danielle D. - Stanislaus, California

"Well written and engaging"
Michael S. - Los Angeles, California

"Very easy and I would recommend this website to my friends when they have to complete traffic school. "
Daisy G. - Orange, California

"I recommend using Firefox rather than Chrome for this website-- had issues logging back in to the site that delayed my completion of the course. A quick phone call to the company, and I was redirected to a different browser and then everything worked fine. Thank you!"
Cory W. - Ventura, California

"I liked the layout very much."
Kevin G. - Orange, California

"By far the easiest-to-use traffic school I have ever tried. I will definitely recommend to everyone I know. Thanks again!!!"
Natalie V. - Kern, California

"it was easyand informing"
Roger B. - Los Angeles, California

"It was easy "
Coralia Q. - Sacramento, California

Mark S. - Orange, California

"The course is very helpful"
Theresa N. - Sacramento, California

"thank you it educated me on the newer laws that were passed"
Victoria W. - Kings, California

"Clear understandable comprehensive course !!"
Randall K. - San Mateo, California

"Great course. To the point; easy to understand. Would recommend."
Wesley B. - San Diego, California

"I really appreciate that this course was easy to understand, reasonable and to the point. Thank you."
Monica B. - Contra Costa, California

"The course was convenient because I was able to log in at any time and complete as much as I could. Being I have a busy schedule it worked out well. Informative and I sure learned a few new things. Great refresher as well."
Jenny H. - Contra Costa, California

"excellent traffic scholl on line that will be recommended to others"
Elizabeth M. - Monterey, California

"Great program! Thank you"
Ryan S. - Ventura, California

"Very good. I'll recommend you. Thank you."
Humberto B. - San Francisco, California

"good course"
Debra C. - Shasta, California

"great online course"
Edward F. - Sacramento, California

"This was easier than I thought. I would like to know for sure that this gets to the DMV- I just wish we could do this for every violation."
Erin J. - Ventura, California

Matthew C. - San Luis Obispo, California

"The right side of the page did not appear on the computer screen - hence - there was no "Text Box" visible."
Herbert H. - San Bernardino, California

"The test was fast and easy. Thank you but fix whatever issues you guys have with the other browsers fast."
Etelvina P. - Los Angeles, California

"Good & painless. Thank you."
Amy C. - Kern, California

"Twice I got an error, saying that an action is prohibited (you can't go back). First time is happened after taking the last chapter test. Second time - after taking the final test. I had to retake both tests because of that. Other than that all worked smoothly."
Renata R. - Contra Costa, California

"thank you"
Nathan N. - Kern, California

"The only real complaint i have is, some of the test questions i would answer and the program would throw me out and I would have go and re-answer the questions again for the system to up date. This happen several times while working with this program. It also happen on the final test questions too."
Sanders W. - Colusa, California

"Need Spaces in areas and some spelling errors"
Donny C. - San Diego, California

"very easy. just common sense. not too long and not too short. ill come for my next ticket :p"
Tylor K. - San Luis Obispo, California

Ross C. - Riverside, California

"Thank you"
Gilbert G. - Ventura, California

"Nice course. Thanks!"
David E. - San Mateo, California

"Great test thank you"
Cesar C. - Riverside, California

"I considered this very informative and easy to read. This was my first Driving school course and I would recommend to friends."
Diane W. - Solano, California

Taylor L. - Kern, California

"Thank you. Nice job."
Aaron A. - San Luis Obispo, California

"Thanks..Much better than sitting in a classroom all day!!!"
Marcy H. - Humboldt, California

"this course was more informative and easier to understand than others my kids have taken. thank you."
Clarann B. - Shasta, California

"Very informative and logical. I like that there were no trick questions. If you read the material the questions were easy. "
Paul O. - Ventura, California

"Only comment would be to correct a few typos."
Ryan L. - Yolo, California

"This test was helpful and simple."
Pilar R. - Kings, California

"Super great & fast & a good price :D"
Genevieve B. - Orange, California

"I love how there was real life comparisons and that the author made comical comments from time to time."
Dat khoa tuan D. - Orange, California

"thanks loved it"
Bryce D. - Merced, California

"some parts were entertaining with added comments. Greatly appreciated!"
Deborah A. - Sacramento, California

Tabitha T. - Marin, California

"Awesome and easy site thank you :) "
Omar H. - Stanislaus, California

"This was an awesome course and I love the author! instead of reading boring stuff, my attention in the small humor was caught!"
Lyanny G. - San Bernardino, California

"Very well done...But I might say the test was a little easy... Thanks"
Josephina M. - San Bernardino, California

"This traffic school is excellent! Exactly what I wanted, and it was very accommodating to the user. Great!"
Philip Y. - Kern, California

"Easy to work on"
Amalia F. - Sacramento, California

"great school simple and fast"
Juan Q. - Stanislaus, California

"I was satisfied with this program; I did not need assistance of any kind. Thank you."
Sandra S. - San Luis Obispo, California

"The course is everything it says it will be, but the text could use some proofreading/editing in some places."
Patti B. - Ventura, California

"very educational and informative"
Pascual O. - San Bernardino, California

"This is the BEST online traffic school I have EVER taken will tell EVERYBODY!!!"
Sheryl L. - Los Angeles, California

"Thank you, Cecilia Duran"
Cecilia D. - Imperial, California

"This is the best and most professional Online Traffic school I have ever used!"
Zoram L. - San Bernardino, California

"Anyone looking to get through an course without all the hassles and using its curriculum without any negative experience needs to check out In-a-day traffic school, because you will have a great experience. "
Darnell C. - San Bernardino, California

"great traffic school website, a lot of helpful tips and ways to prevent accidents from happening. thanks. -Alexis Lopez "
Alexis L. - Kern, California

"Very good and easy to follow"
Carlos B. - Los Angeles, California

"I'm satisfied with the course, I will recommend this website to my friends."
Shisheng Y. - Fresno, California

"Very well laid out format and broken into digestible pieces. Just one or two grammatical errors in the text. The course was not demeaning or belittling, and provided a good perspective on the "why" of the traffic laws."
Robert P. - Riverside, California

"Course was very easy and fast."
Fransisco R. - Orange, California

"Great and easy to complete coarse I would recommend to friends"
Noel A. - San Joaquin, California

"great online traffic school... very thorough and informative without being overly challenging"
Shawn M. - Los Angeles, California

"Easy and fast - thank you!!!"
Kerry N. - Fresno, California

"In one of the sections (at least that I caught), the wrong form of "your" was used. It should have been "you're" You might want to fix this."
Calah C. - Orange, California

"Great fast and extremely easy traffic school, Thanks!"
Joanna R. - Los Angeles, California

"It was a great course and very convenient site to use. Thanks "
Rana K. - Kern, California

"in one diagram about turning right across the bike lane, you discuss the wrong color car in the diagram."
Richard H. - Los Angeles, California

"I think this was a really good online course. "
Kevin J. - Mono, California

"Great Site! Thanks!"
Brandon R. - Napa, California

"I thought this was an awesome website! I hope I won't have to come back, but if I have to go to some type of driving school, I'm definitely coming back!"
Richard R. - Los Angeles, California

"Was very easy, a little long, but easy, thanks."
Denise K. - Calaveras, California

"Thank You"
Gregory H. - San Bernardino, California

"Thanks for your help. I had no problems."
Thais H. - Monterey, California

"It was great thank you"
Roberto M. - Riverside, California

"The program was excellent in many ways, and I enjoyed the humor that the author had even though reading could be dry and monotonous. It took me 5-6 hours instead of the 2-4. Lastly, I wasn't informed if I got 100% on the test. I assumed I passed the course since it said congratulations and I didn't have any correct answer and reasoning for an answer given on the final exam for missed questions from your questionaire. "
Corlene M. - Nevada, California

"The curriculum's format was user friendly."
Teresita N. - Sacramento, California

"Simple, effective, non-intrusive. Great course."
Adrian V. - Monterey, California

John R. - Los Angeles, California

"Great program!"
Araceli C. - San Diego, California

"GREAT product; course was informative, and well-written. I actually enjoyed the humor embedded throughout."
Marypat R. - Los Angeles, California

"I'm glad I took this course. It reminds me of driving behavior that I'm unaware off. Excellent course. "
Ernesto A. - Imperial, California

"Good course, effective and easy to follow."
Peter R. - Tehama, California

"Was very satisfied with course and when I called in initially for questions regarding time frames. "
Janie C. - Riverside, California

"great easy website"
Luis A. - Los Angeles, California

"Thanks for providing a good course"
Douglas B. - Tehama, California

"Very easy very simple!"
Arthur B. - San Diego, California

"Thank you"
Omer A. - Orange, California

"Very impressed with your service"
Christine W. - Los Angeles, California

"Great course! Totally would recommend to others. A nice and fun way to review traffic lwas."
Justinjay G. - Alameda, California

"Great online course!"
Qaadir T. - Los Angeles, California

"I could learn efficiently,fast,relaxedly."
Junrun C. - Los Angeles, California

"Informative and well designed. Thank you!"
Edward T. - Los Angeles, California

"Thankyou, so relieved…. It's done! Yay"
Tammy N. - Solano, California

Jennifer A. - San Joaquin, California

"great course"
Mander D. - Alameda, California

"The course was cool! Was able to complete the course while sitting in the jury room waiting to be called. "
John M. - Kern, California

"This course was great! Thank you!"
Lindsay P. - Contra Costa, California

"awesome course thanks!"
Edward T. - Contra Costa, California

"Great course. clear, easy to understand. Would highly recommend. thank you! "
Julie M. - San Diego, California

"Great school, very informative and easy to use. Great refresh course in driving!! I strongly recommended to anybody needing a traffic school."
Nora P. - Los Angeles, California

"Great way to complete mandatory traffic school fast and efficient "
Kevin W. - Orange, California

"This online traffic school was fun, fast, informative, and to the point, which made it easy. "
Marko C. - Los Angeles, California

"It was informative, user friendly, and non-stressful."
Naomi O. - Mendocino, California

"I had a great experience with this course and received great support when I needed it."
Kelly M. - San Diego, California

"Some spelling mistakes"
Angus M. - Santa Cruz, California

"thank you"
Carlos A. - San Diego, California

"I first thought that it was going to be very hectic taking traffic school but i got to admit this website is very helpful and easy to use. THANKS"
Rafael M. - Los Angeles, California

"Great course study and refresher. Thanks for offering your material on line. "
Cynthia P. - Orange, California

"great course. I love the humor. Easy to learn and understand content"
Danielle R. - Santa Clara, California

Edgar E. - Los Angeles, California

"Great, and very easy to use"
Latoya B. - San Joaquin, California

"good webside"
Xinhong C. - San Francisco, California

"very easy to use"
Edwardo G. - Santa Clara, California

"There were several typos in the course material, but overall the course was great. I learned a lot about california driving laws."
Socorro D. - San Diego, California

"Thank you - good and timely process. Information covered well - Learned a lot."
Nicole C. - San Diego, California

"did not have any problems would deff recommend this site to any one who needs traffic school it was really helpful "
Cristian Z. - Santa Barbara, California

"Fast easy course. Will definitely recommend to my friends "
Jeffrey M. - Santa Barbara, California

"Great study material, except when asking secret question , when asked favorite food, it is Won Ton soup, and not soap. "
Eglantina C. - Riverside, California

"I liked that I could take breaks and come back to the sections working on. In addition, being able to "chat" to ask questions was helpful"
Petra F. - Los Angeles, California

"I did not ask any questions, or ask for the instructor's name or licence number (ques 6)"
Bibi Y. - San Bernardino, California

"What is my confirmation number. Will this report go to the DMV and San Bernardino Court? Will you send it or do I have to send it?"
Bibi Y. - San Bernardino, California

"quick and easy! thank you "
Jonathan B. - Tuolumne, California

"Great school! Thanks!"
Brandon M. - Santa Clara, California

"everything perfect, I will recommend to my friend if they need."
Maohong Z. - Los Angeles, California

"Easy to navigate, highly recommend!"
Katherine W. - Los Angeles, California

"vERY informative and good refresher course"
Melani P. - Orange, California

"Thank you! I feel this was a very good traffic school ~ I've been driving for a long time and feel this was a wonderful refresher of everything."
Heidi H. - San Francisco, California

"Easy and educational. Thank you. "
Damiana A. - Santa Clara, California

"I enjoyed this traffic school. I've attended many classes and this was excellent captivated my attention."
Sandra N. - Riverside, California

"Great, easy to read and understand! I would definitely recommend this course! "
Jennifer S. - Tulare, California

"Very good"
Raja K. - San Mateo, California

"Easy to deal with."
Andrea D. - Los Angeles, California

"This was very informative and efficient. It has been awhile since my actual drivers test so information on the new laws was great even though I have heard about them through the news ie hands free devices and texting. The statistics are really amazing. Thanks"
Jennifer G. - San Diego, California

"this was a positive experience even though i didn't deserve the ticket in the first place."
Alana F. - Orange, California

"Information, Laws and common rules of behavior were well displayed for any person with an average or less than average reading comprehension level. The writer also made his writing creative!"
Gabriel P. - Los Angeles, California

"nice traffic school"
Lixin Z. - Los Angeles, California

"Everyone says traffic school sucks and takes forever. I was able to finish it in an hour, and it wasn't a bother at all! I'll definitely be recommending this to my friend who has to take traffic school as well! Thank you!"
Brandy M. - San Mateo, California

"i really enjoy taking this course and will recommend to my friends. it was easy and fun. "
Ana M. - Orange, California

"This course was helpful and efficient. A great update to some rules of the road with easy to understand pages that kept me involved. I gained something from the course."
Yoann C. - Riverside, California

"good information, some time long winded but i understand the need"
Stephen K. - San Bernardino, California

"This was a delightfully simple website to use for my first violation in 43 years. Thank you."
Adele B. - Imperial, California

"The course was to the point with appreciated humor added in. Thank you!"
Michelle S. - Sacramento, California

"Thank you so much for everything. Your website is fantastic! Take care and have an awesome day."
Tanya K. - Santa Clara, California

"Easy to understand and I learn new traffic rules that I'm not aware before."
Alan R. - Los Angeles, California

"I loved this program. Traffic school has NEVER been enjoyable. Your traffic school course is very enjoyable, and it moves at a quick pace so you don't get bored. I will always recommended 'In A Day Traffic School to everyone. Thanks, I do believe I will actually be a better safer driver."
Jennifer S. - Los Angeles, California

"thank you"
Chris M. - Monterey, California

Yvette B. - Los Angeles, California

Maria L. - Los Angeles, California

"Awesome traffic school. Shared good refreshing knowledge and was straight to the point. Thank you!"
Steven C. - Shasta, California

"Awesome course thanks so much!"
Helen M. - San Mateo, California

"As enjoyable as a traffic school could be...plus it was a great review. thank you"
Carol H. - Ventura, California

"This was an easy and affordable way to complete traffic school in the comfort of my home."
Reynaldo Y. - Orange, California

"the online course was easy to follow and it was very informative. I really liked that it seemed to be up to date on a lot of the material."
Anna F. - San Diego, California

"Easy to read and follow along. Test was easy to pass after reading this material. I will recommend"
Brittany N. - San Bernardino, California

Andrea O. - Los Angeles, California

Alicia G. - San Diego, California

Brandon M. - Sacramento, California

"Great course!"
Jenny R. - San Francisco, California

"I did not have to contact an instructor, but the people I contacted with other questions regarding the course were very nice and informative. Thank you."
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"Everything was perfect! Thanks for making it an instructive and a painless course! I did find a couple of typos in Section VI . . . which I'll be glad to identify if you call me some day 9 to 5 . . . 805/965-7841. Thanks! – Rik Peirson"
Rik P. - Santa Barbara, California

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Carol F. - Kern, California

"I didn't talk to a course instructor but to an individual who answered the phone at the 800 number. That person was able to answer all my questions so I went ahead and signed up. Everything was perfect and I went through the course with no problems. My only negative feedback is when I was asked security questions, I had to click on one of the 3 possible answers on the far right of the page, then I had to move the mouse way over to the left side of the screen. I found that to be very annoying. There are 11 or 12 chapters to go through and that type of navigation on the screen is unnecessary. If someone at inadaytrafficschool.com were to put their thinking cap on and redesign that layout, that would be nice improvement. Thank you!"
Shelley S. - Alameda, California

"fun, easy and fast. "
Laura S. - Orange, California

"I did learn a few things that I didn't know.. I will need that for my up coming License renewel in December... I did have a few questions regarding correcting some of the questions that I got wrong and the live Chat got me through it to the finish. Thank You..."
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Geraldinehazel B. - Sacramento, California

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"The questions in this questionaire that are answered No is that I don't remember anyone giving me their license number. However, they were very nice and professional . I did remember that they gave me the name of the school as well as their name. I never asked for the license number either . I got the school phone number from a list at the place that I paid for my traffic ticket. I will be waiting for my certifate in the mail. Thank You for the test."
Martha J. - Tulare, California

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Jeffrey N. - Humboldt, California

"Great course. very informative and easy to use."
Rajkrishna I. - Los Angeles, California

"How do I get a copy of completion"
James P. - Butte, California

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"website and courses was easy to understand."
Mushan Y. - San Mateo, California

"I would have liked to have a tab where the instructor was more readily available for questions throughout the course reading. My question would be: "When you are on a two lane divided highway(city streets), and a person is making a left turn, is it legal to pass on the right into the bike lane." Although this is not legal, I see this all the time on the way to work. People think it is legal because they are not on the curb or in the sidewalk. Thanks"
Margarite L. - Santa Clara, California

School Reply: Hello M Leesmiley, It is NOT legal to pass on the right into a bike lane. The only time someone would go into is bike lane is to park or when making a right turn and that is 200 ft before the intersection. I often see people do illegal driving violations on the road all the time. I have attributed this to, either drivers do not know or don’t care. Either way, hopefully they will get caught before someone gets hurt. The bike lane is for bikes. I hope I was able to answer your question.

"Very easy to read through and do the examinations. I'm glad I picked this site."
Linda W. - San Bernardino, California

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Ryu M. - San Mateo, California

Lauren M. - Ventura, California

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Jessica S. - Contra Costa, California

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Roland C. - Santa Cruz, California

"thanks for keeping the material light and fun."
Salvador A. - Stanislaus, California

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"Thank you for making my first online traffic school experience an awesome one! Not that I expect to get another traffic ticket in the future, but if I do, I'll definitely return to your site! "
Aileen M. - Alameda, California

"I found this to be easy to follow and very helpful in reinforcing not only the rules, but also, the physiological and aspects of driving on our busy and distracting highways."
Linda D. - Orange, California

"I found this to be easy to follow and very helpful in reinforcing not only the rules, but also, the physiological and aspects of driving on our busy and distracting highways. I called helpline but call was sent to voicemail. Noticed that I chose wrong Court - should be Superior Court of California Count of Orange. ---not Alameda thank you"
Linda D. - Orange, California

"very easy to use. I would use it again if need be."
Carlos A. - San Diego, California

"There were some typos and formatting issues with Firefox"
James M. - Alameda, California

"I thought with a code I was given that would give me $3.00 off the course, it was 364er3, there just wasn't anywhere to log that code in. It was a good class and I learned a lot of extra things one doesn't always think about! Thank you Diane R"
Diane R. - Riverside, California

School Reply: Hello Diana, You are actually off on a number on the code, it is 3646er3. The promo code goes in the registration page on the bottom. We will go a head refund the difference to you. You will get a notice in your email when the accounting department has credited it back. Thank you for using InADayTrafficSchool.com.

"good site "
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"Bigger font for people with not the best vision."
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"This was a great class. I enjoy taking it. But I called the help line that is 24/7 support and no one answered. I emailed and no response. "
Mike R. - Santa Clara, California

Jose C. - Monterey, California

"I liked that it was very easy to reach a live person with general questions. I didn't like that my final exam was submitted prematurely when I had only answered 3 questions (may or may not have been my own doing), but I did like that they offered the opportunity to retake the course at no additional fee should I not have passed on my second attempt. Thank you. Now, I just hope my certificate is received by the court electronically same day."
Alma C. - Los Angeles, California

"I am happy that the chat window opened right away; I had a few questions that I was able to get answered almost immediately. Thank you."
Shameka W. - Santa Clara, California

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"Great Course, I learned a lot and it was a breeze to navigate and accomplish the required tasks. Keep up the great work! Will recommend this course to friends and family that inquire about courses such as this one. Thank you for the certification and ease of access in regards to letting the DMV know about my completion of this course."
Philip S. - Los Angeles, California

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"Thanks! I appreciate the humor mixed in with the good information :)"
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"As stated in the material regarding motorcycles prior to 1978 not having auto headlights, One of the final questions can be questionable. Obvious to both a and c however regarding common sense however, there is no definition regarding dusk or evening driving requiring headlights to be on and if so at what point does it become illegal? If a vehicle does not require an "upgrade" to become street legal and it;s a grey area left to the judgement of the individual. Within the documentation there was no mention of this aspect pertaining to current specifications... Just fyi thinking back.... Thanks Jake.."
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